VOD/PP Award Winners

Dean Rakoskie 2022-2023 Commander - 1/18/2023

Comrades and Auxiliary Members:
Listed below are the winners of the VOD and PP Awards Programs. 
            1st Place:  Aedyn Smalley, Post 9949/5
            2nd Place:  Talia Dean, Post 8433/8
            3rd Place:  Kaitlyn Tanner, Post 5976/7
            1st Place:  Anna Sutton, Post 5745/6
            2nd Place:  Aiden Loonis, Post 5408/1
            3rd Place:  (tie)
a.      Kennedy Butler, Post 2667/5
b.      Lanie Nistler, Post 6686/4
Congratulations to the Posts that had winners and all Posts that participated in these Core Programs. When the results of the Teacher and Public Safety are made available, I will let you know those winners as well.

Dean Rakoskie
2022-2023 Commander
VFW Department of Georgia